First Lets Talk About Golf Tourism

No article about golf is complete without the mentioning of one of the greatest golf player world has ever seen which is Tiger Wood. The man did some good. His magical game made the world stop to watch him in action, and I salute him for raising the bar high and inspiring many to pursue their dream during a time when everybody was talking there favourite sports like basketball and football.

It is the passion and enthusiasm of public figures such as himself and his professional contemporaries created that has enabled golf to reach the audience it has extended to today.

Golf tourism is a term that many might be unfamiliar with as it does not do many rounds in a casual conversation, so let me let get you up to speed.

As the expression suggests, this is a trend that came about in the last ten years or so to encourage the deep pockets to empty their wallets into specific tourist destinations while high lighting the said destinations as exclusive travel sites by revamping them to be elevated to a whole new level in the industry’s map. The objective of the exercise is to mix business seamlessly with pleasure as it is the worst kept secret that business deals are shaken upon on in the golf course and really not in boardrooms.

Therefore this has been a welcoming extension that the target market has fully embraced and appreciated as by this they can make money while also giving fun. The golf tourism sector has done very well for itself as there has been a significant interest followed by the much-anticipated investment among the big dogs and its popularity continues to grow steadfast.

Inevitably the estate industry too has been positively triggered by the boom in this particular sector and has readily obliged by making way for its expansion and establishing outstanding golf resorts with most beautiful golf courses that you can see in Africa, North America, Europe and around the world.

They are in a constant battle to surpass the other to reap the benefits of the lucrative industry it has proven to be within a very short, and this competitiveness has helped the sector grow even more so as each player is continuously attempting to up their game.

More than 55 million people play golf around the world with about 5% of them travel around the world with the sole purpose of indulging in the game. This leisure element that was previously concentrated among the cream of the elite social circles and the professionals only has now reached the masses, the ardent leisure traveller segment thereby contributing over 20 billion in annual revenue for the tourism industry. You can read an article published in forbes talks about golf global reach

This fact remains true to all the players in the holiday business including not only developed countries but the emerging and the socio and economically challenged countries that have understood the potential of this emerging trend.

The industry is growing in such magnitude that struggling countries such as Kenya has already spent a lot of money on building golf courses that are in export readiness, which are meant for the disposal of international golf travellers. 32,000 golf courses in different countries alongside Kenya facilitates this new demand and currently has much of it concentrated in Portugal, North America and Spain with countries such as Malaysia, Mexico, Egypt, China, Dubai, Turkey and South Africa following close behind as per latest statistics.

The world’s lengthiest golf course is inaugurated in Australia covering a land area the size of Great Britain requiring the golfers to be driven in between the holes. It is so lengthy that it has two time zones and extends up to 1,365 kilometres from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Now that is something that takes a while to wrap your head around. Is it not?

Australia on its own is a great place to visit, and with bonus attractions such as this, its visitors and the money that they bring in to the country has multiplied in many folds. It is remarkable to watch more and more of the youngsters drawn into the sport than ever before with the facelift golf has received in the recent past. Local and international talent sourcing tournaments have encouraged them to be more forthcoming in embracing a game that is somewhat slow-paced in comparison to the adrenaline rushing sports they traditionally prefer, and so far the perks of the game seem to do the trick.

The potential for the industry only looks better and brighter with the frills and upgrades the invested parties are bound to source over time, opening up avenues for many others to taking part in creating a bit of magic themselves but that is a story for another day!

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