Golf Equipment For Beginner Player

Golfing is particularly an expensive but more fun kind of sport that is worth investing in, especially when you are a beginner. The golf game might seem complicated if you have not tried it yet with the right equipment in the initial stage. You might be really interested in golf, but without some decent equipment in your arsenal, you may not get your right swing in your rounds of golf.

Have you seen the current tournaments such as the PGA Championship or Four Majors? I am sure if you are a golf follower you have watched them on TV.

So, what do you learn from those tournaments?

We are not sure about you, but my take away is that the golfers in these well-known tournaments must have been started from scratch with the right equipment, patience, and practice.

We agree that shopping for golf accessories that best suits a beginner player can be frustrating and confusing as well. Obviously, there exists a difference in the expert and beginner golfing equipment, so you do not need to break your bank to get yourself killed out!

Regardless of your specific golfing interest, you need to know the best set of equipment for different situations.

So we decided today to give a baseline for a beginner player to choose from a vast range of golf equipment that exists in the market today. You will get to learn the various gear that is adequate for your current situation.

Let’s get started and see what some minimum gadgets you need to take off your golf journey.

  • Golf Clubs – You need to pick the club with the latest technology according to your preferences and should consult a professional player before taking a decision. You cannot test all the clubs from different manufacturers but find the club that matters in your experience.

  • Golf Balls – Do you know that every big golf company is making types of golf balls for every kind of swing made by the beginner players. These manufacturers aim to get you pinpoint the best from your game. Referring to the best golf balls played overall, you are recommended to choose Titleist NXT Tour. You can also go for the best quality ball for low swing speeds such as Taylormade Project. Other best golf balls for beginners include Bridgestone Tour B RX and Bridgestone Tour B XS.

  • Golf Bags – You obviously need a bag with space to accommodate essential items for golfing. The bag will protect your expensive gadgets and personal items. Among the various brands, types and models available in the stores, you need to consider choosing bags such as the 2018 hoofer, C-130 or the Taylormade Flextech Crossover.


We could have added more items to this list, but this article is mainly focused on a beginner player. So, we decided to make a list as precise and useful as possible for less confusion.

Lastly, before you take any of the golfing equipment to your home, ensure you test their effectiveness to help your amateur training. It is all about gaining great golfing experience, so make sure you do not just pick the top but comfortable equipment.

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